Maarten Steenhagen

Research Fellow in Philosophy

Uppsala University


Maarten Steenhagen is a philosopher and writer. He is a trustee of the Clemencia Redmond foundation and the British Society of Aesthetics. Until recently he was researcher in the Department of Philosophy at Uppsala University. Prior to coming to Uppsala he worked as a lecturer at the University of Cambridge and was a Bye-Fellow of Queens’ College.

His academic research focuses on perception and aesthetic value. In particular, his papers concentrate on the metaphysics and normativity of appearances. He also writes about the role of perceptual media in experience—such as sounds, images, and optical technology. His articles and papers cover the experience of sounds, images, and mirror perception, as well as evaluations of the different theories of perception.

In addition to his work on perception, Steenhagen is interested in philosophical logic and the history of 20th century philosophy, in particular the controversies about philosophical method and the presuppositions and value of analysis in philosophy.


  • Philosophy of Perception
  • Consciousness
  • Value
  • Language and representation


  • PhD in Philosophy, 2015

    University College London

  • MPhil Stud. in Philosophy, 2012

    University College London

Recent Publications

Fictional Creations

Argues that some fictional entities can really exist

Sense and Reference of Pictures

Argues that a theory of pictorial representation does not require a sense/reference distinction

Must naive realists be relationalists?

Argues that naive realism about perception can be upheld without a commitment to relationalism

False Reflections

Argues that the conviction that mirrors are optical illusions is rooted in a confusion

Against Adversarial Discussion

Explains how to reject an adversarial style of doing philosophy on methodological grounds

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Reflection and Refraction
Philosophy in the Mirror
Mere Appearances